Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hot Sale Eames Classic

Hot Sale Eames Classic

Eames Classic

Hot Sale Eames Classic

Hot Sale Eames Classic


  • Size: 18x18 in.
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: 18.00" h x18.00" w x1.25" l,1.00 pounds

Hot Sale Eames Classic

Following the spirit of observation influencing the painters of the 17th century, my technique is meant to reveal and celebrate reality. Human perception has evolved to enjoy certain archetypes and I make use of these in my choice of subject material and the use of humble objects. But further, by using oil paints and the technique of Chiaroscuro, I seek to impart a sublime presence to simple objects in my still life paintings. However, these objects never as important as the paint and the technique; And in the true spirit of the Chiaroscurist, the color never dominates light and shadow. Light and shadow give meaning to form; and without light there can be no color. This dynamic is fascinating to me as I push the boundaries of form and depth to see the color. My value range includes the deepest penetration and the brightest highlight and color is what happens in between these extremes. Sometimes I simply paint what I see - a vase of lilacs -- a scene of harmony and beauty exploiting natural colors and shapes; It is a delight to preserve this moment on canvas. Then at times I entertain dramatic elements because I believe the viewer can be involved on two levels: simple beauty and drama. The first element of high interest must draw the viewer from across the room, and to this end I start with time-honored, clical methods to create a strong underlying design. Scale must be the first consideration, combined with the other methods. Additionally, I follow archival methods of painting "fat over lean" throughout my process to ensure the longevity of the paintings. I sometimes incorporate more modern methods such as tonalism (soft edges) and impressionism (color instead of shadow) to achieve balance and harmony throughout a piece. But wver methods used I honor the traditions of the chiaroscurist.

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