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Hot Sale Love, Laughter and Lies

Hot Sale Love, Laughter and Lies

Love, Laughter and Lies

Hot Sale Love, Laughter and Lies

Hot Sale Love, Laughter and Lies


  • Published on: 2012-09-03
  • Original language:English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .79" h x7.00" w x10.00" l,1.46 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 226 pages

Hot Sale Love, Laughter and Lies

Tia Blackmon is enjoying the good life as the wife of a successful, charming, stunningly handsome husband. She's beautiful, intelligent and married to an investment specialist who owns and manages his firm located in the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago. With her three adorable young children and a profitable cer in commercial real estate her lifestyle is enviable. That is until you go behind the glamour and get a whiff of the dirty laundry in desperate need of some serious washing. Ronnie Blackmon, Tia's husband, is every woman’s desire; strong, good looking and a bad boy in a business suit. As a loving husband and father he finds it difficult to say no to the lovely women who want to spend time with him, even after he tells them that he's a married man. Although he is sincerely in love with his wife he just can't seem to resist the temptation to taste the variety of feminine flavors that throw themselves at him daily. His meaningless fling with a clerk results in the birth of Nina, whom he ped off as his brother's child for three years. This is a Love Diary that takes you into the inner recesses of the thoughts and desires of two people who deeply connected pionately and spiritually. You will be treated as a close friend as Tia and Ronnie sh their lives, desires and emotions with you. High drama escalates as the story unfolds from both Tia's and Ronnie's point of view. Their intimate feelings about each other and life in general will engulf you with a multi-cultural cast of characters that you will remember by name. Her night out with the girls is reflected in Ronnie's angry thoughts the following morning. The discovery of his secret child from an illicit affair sends Tia's temper into hyper drive. Will Ronnie be able to hold on to his wife who eventually goes AWOL leaving him clueless and alone? Or will his good looks, success and charm fail him for the first time? Can Tia continue to look the other way and avoid her husband's many late night creeps while the anger and resentment build to a frightening climax? Or will she give in to a little temptation of her own and give her husband some much deserved get back, pay back? Pion and humor unite to produce realistic characters like Ronnie's brother Donte who keeps the story spiked with hilarious tales and side cracking antics. Carmen, Ronnie's mistress adds Latin flair to the story. Adonis, the handsome stranger Tia meets in Miami while on the run from the pain and humiliation of Ronnie's philandering, is offering comfort in his muscular tan arms, beach boy attractiveness and enormous bank account. Love, Laughter and Lies is a funny and realistic story of love, family and forgiveness with hip hop flavor and old school drama. You will laugh out loud one minute and get hot and bothered the next.

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